SkyManager v4.0

The RF spectrum is a national resource, much like water, land, gas and minerals. Unlike these, however, RF is reusable. The purpose of spectrum management is to mitigate radio spectrum pollution and maximize the benefit of usable radio spectrum.

SkyManager has been developed to help manage the huge number of license applications at the same time provide a visual experience by integrating other SkyMon tools to managing radio spectrum occupancy and maximize the benefit of usable radio spectrum.

Freqency Allocation Viewer
Freqency Allocation Viewer


SkyManager features include:

  • Frequency License Management
  • Frequency Occupancy Analysis
  • Frequency Allocation Management
  • Integration into SkyMon-CC


Built using the latest web technologies:

  • ASP.NET framework 4.5
  • MVC framework 5
  • jQuery 2.0.3
  • D3 Data-Driven Documents 3.4
  • MS SQL 2012 Database
  • OpenLayers 3

Road Map

Additional features to be added:

  • Process\Workflow Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Document Management
  • Spectrum regulation enforcement
  • Equipment Authorisation
  • Integration with 3rd party systems